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Monday, October 4, 2021

General Body Meeting 3.10.2021

The General Body Meeting of VNSM was held on 3rd Octobeor, 2021 (10.30 AM) at Community Centre, Sector-19, Faridabad.

Shri PN Arora, General Secretary in his initial speach invited Office bearers of VNSM to occupy Dais and later on their arrival welcomed Guest of  Honour Dr. Lalit K.Hasija, President Rotary Club of Faridabad Midtown and his team comprising of his wife Dr. Punita Hasija, IMA Head Faridabad, Shri Sachin Jain, Secretary, Rotary Club, Shri Satinder Singh Chabbra, Treasurer, Rotary Club.

Subsequently Guests were Garlanded and presented Shawls and VNSM Memento by Governing Body Members of VNSM.

Shri JP Malhotra, Chief Patron, VNSM being Garlanded and Presented Shawl by Shri RK Chibber, President,VNSM  .

Shri HS Malik being Garlanded by Shri PN Arora, General Secretary VNSM.

Shri JM Sharma Ex-President VNSM was Garlanded and presented a Shawl by Shri JP Malhotra, Chief Patron VNSM.

Shri B.D Gera, Ex-General Secretary was Garlanded, Presented a Shawl by Shri RK Chibber, President VNSM and Shri PN Arora, General Secretary, VNSM.

Shri RK Chibber, President VNSM in his speech mentioned that Covid Scenario was responsible for inactivity of the forum and regular meetings could not be convened. Now onwards Forum will like to pick up speed and work for the welfare of members. Members may give their suggestions to improve working of the forum.

Shri JP Malhotra, Chief Patron, VNSM introduced each member of the Guest Team individually. He also mentioned about recent social welfare activities of the Rotary Club Faridabad Midtown which includes Donation of a Cancer Detection Machine to Distt. Admninstration Faridabad,  Organising Blood Donation Camps, Free Covid-19 Vaccination Camps, Free Health Check Up Camps in and around Faridabad. 

Guest of Honour Shri Lalit K. Hasija, President Rotary Club Faridabad Midown presented a Cheque of Rs. 31000/=  to Shri RK Chibber, President, VNSM on behalf of Rotary Club.

Dr. Lalit K Hasija, Shri HS Malik and Shri Prahlad Garg, also addressed the VNSM Members and congratulated for organizing Elder Day Celebrations.
Since non of the Super Senior Members to be honoured were present physically, it was decided that Governing Body Members will visit their house to honor them.

Shri PN Arora, General Secretary, VNSM formally concluding the General Body Meeting handed over the mike to Shri Mohinder Kumar for Cultural activity in the form of Poetry and Bhajan.

Smt. Susheel Gaba, Shri JM Shama, Shri BD Gera, Shri Ved Ram and Shri Mohinder entertained VNSM Members with Poetry and Bhajan.

Smt. Susheel Gaba was presented a Shawal for her active participation in Bhajan Recitation.

Shri SS Banga offered his services for VNSM Members in case anyone has any difficulty in Pension matter.

Shri RPS Nagar addressing the Members of VNSM.

Shri KL Narang getting the attendance register signed by each and every member of VNSM attending the meeting.

Present Financial position of VNSM Forum being displayed on Board by Dr. Rajvir Singh, Finance Secretary, VNSM
Rotary Club Faridabad Midtown Banner on Display

Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair and inviting all present to enjoy Lunch.