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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Core Group Members Meeting – 4th February, 2017

Shri Satish  C. Gupta, President,  Varisht  Nagrik  Sewa  Manch called a meeting of the Core Group Members  on 4th February, 2017 at 10.15 AM at Community Centre, Sector - 19,  Faridabad.  The main agenda of  the meeting was to discuss as to how to rejuvenate the feeling of togetherness  among enrolled members of  the society so that they can interact with each other more frequently and come closure.  Following Members from different pockets of  Sector-19 and Sector-28  attended the meeting and registered their presence

Various suggestions given by the members present in the meeting  were deliberated. Conclusion was drawn that Present Members may take the initiative to identify Sr. Citizens in their respective pockets and keep in touch with them specially by wishing them on the occasions of their birthdays, marriage anniversary and try to organize   
formal meetings to enhance sense of togethernes

A follow up meeting to know the outcome of today's meeting is kept on 25th March, 2017 at 10.15 AM at Community Centre, Sector-19, Faridabad.

 Some photographs depicted during the course of Meeting are displayed here  under:

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