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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting - 22.4.2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Executive Committee of  VNSM held on 22.4.2018
 at  5.00 PM  at Community Centre, Sector-19, Faridabad.

 Except Shri S.K.Thakkar, Vice President, R.K.Miglani, Shri Satvir Panwar and R.C.Goud all the members of  EC and Sub Committee attended the meeting.

The President while welcoming the participants explained the objectives of the meeting and informed about some issues that the Governing Body in its meeting held on 20.4.2018 thought fit for consideration and debate in the EC meeting and requested the members to offer their comments on each of them. After detailed deliberations, the following decisions were taken unanimously:
  1.  Shri Rajvir Singh was designated as Organising Secretary and requested to make himself available in the office daily from 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.  He will also make arrangements to organize meetings of General Body etc., and for the purpose he will be assisted by Shri Mahesh Mittal and Shri Satbir Panwar.  They will ensure that proper arrangements are made on the day of the meeting including obtaining attendance of members attending the meeting.
  2. Shri Mahesh Mittal, AGS in addition to his prescribed duties, shall ensure that all letters, communications are dispatched to Members timely. He will be assisted by 2-3 EC Members for writing addresses etc.
  3. Shri Sunil Kumar and Shri Vipul Trikha will look after arrangements for refreshments on the day of meeting .  Menu will be decided in consultation with GS.
  4. Sports Committee:  Shri Dalal (Head of the Committee), Shri K.C.Chakravarti and Shri Sunil shall look after the sports activities of VNSM and schedule for it could be chalked out in consultation with GS.
  5.  Life Membership Fee:  The majority opinion was to keep the Life Membership Fee at Rs. 500/- each.  This being a policy matter may be deliberated in the open House of forthcoming General Body meeting for final decision.
  6. It was decided that Whatsapp messages may be sent to the Members on their Birthday/Anniversary dates.  Shri PK Soni was requested to set right the records and from June, 2018 start sending such messages.  Shri PKSoni was also requested to obtain soft copies of the Members list from Shri Dinesh Garg for updating. 
  7. In orders to have its own space for VNSM, it was decided to write letters to both the Ministers from Faridabad Constituency including Parshad and FMC Commissioner / HUDA.
  8. Arrangements for drinking water for those who come for recreation at Community Centre daily may be made on the basis of collection by volunteers.
  9.  For holding Health Check Camps letters may be sent to local Hospitals.
  10. Shri P.C.Gupta was requested to initiate action for celebrating International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2018. He may seek assistance of Shri Sunil or any other members for this purpose.  Final preparations may be discussed with Governing Body as and when done.
  11. The first meeting of General Body may be held on 20.5.2018 for which President RWA  may be requested to spare the hall for VNSM.   It was also decided that free Sugar Test Check up may be kept on agenda of the GB meetings.
  12. Membership Drive:  It was decided that all EC Members may identify Senior Citizens who may not be members of VNSM.  On the basis of list of EC Members, letters shall be written to them for becoming Life Members of the Manch.  If need be, door-to-door approach could also be made.
The General Secretary thanked all the participants for free and frank discussions and finally taking unanimous decisions on all matters concerning the welfare of Varishth Nagriks.  The meeting came to an end in an atmosphere of cordiality, understanding and spirit of missionary zeal.   

 **(Drafting of  Minutes of the Meeting - Courtesy Shri B.D. Gera, General Secretary, VNSM)**

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