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Saturday, April 14, 2018

General Body Meeting of VNSM - 13th April, 2018

General Body Meeting of the Varishth Nagrik Sewa Manch was conducted on 13th April, 2018 at 10.00 AM at Community Centre, Sector-19, Faridabad. Consequent upon the completion of tenure of existing functionaries of VNSM, the elections of the Manch were held on 24th March, 2018. The main objective of the meeting was to formally handover the records/charge of VNSM Office to the newly elected Body.

Shri PC Sharma, Ex- General Secretary started the meeting by welcoming the newly elected Governing Body Members. 
At the outset, the outgoing office bearers of VNSM welcomed the newly elected Governing Body Members by garlanding them and offering seats on the Stage.

 Shri Satish Gupta Welcoming Shri J.M. Sharma, President VNSM

Shri P.C. Sharma welcoming Shri B.D. Gera, General Secretary VNSM

Shri G.C. Gupta welcoming Shri S.K. Thakkar, Vice President

Shri RPS Nagar welcoming Shri PC Gupta, Vice President, VNSM

              Shri Satish Gupta welcoming Shri Mahesh Mittal, Astt. General Secretary, VNSM

 Shri VK Mangla welcoming Shri RK Miglani, Finance Secretary, VNSM

Outgoing President Shri Satish Gupta in his address briefed about various activities conducted by VNSM during last three years. He hoped that in future activities will take a long leap and members will cherish them.
Newly Elected Governing Body Members Occupying the Stage
Shri B.D. Gera, General Secretary, in his address thanked the members for their support and electing him unopposed unanimously. He mentioned that this is an introductory meeting and his team will come up with visionary schedule of programs for future.

Shri J.M. Sharma, President also thanked members for their whole hearted support in electing him and also mentioned about important role of Election Committee.  He specially thanked Shri SN Gaur, Shri SK Sardana and Shri Ved Ram for smoothly conducting the elections of various functionaries of VNSM and their contribution during the election.

Shri JM Sharma, President, proposed the name of Shri JP Malhotra as Chief Patron for the period coterminous with the newly elected body and sought approval of the House. The Members present approved unanimously the name of Shri JP Malhotra as Chief Patron. Shri  JP Malhotra could not make it to attend the meeting due to his preoccupation, but he had conveyed the name of  Shri SR Tewatia as Patron to which the House also gave approval unanimously. The names of other functionaries viz. Finance Secretary, IT Secretaries, Organizing Secretary etc., Executive Members and Members of Sub Committee were also brought to the notice of Members present for their information.

Shri J.M.Sharma also asked Mr. Dinesh Garg, RWA, President and Mr. Rajkumar Ex- RWA President to share the stage.
Shri S.K. Thakkar, Vice President  in his address thanked the members for their support. He made announcement that a Homeopathic Clinic run at his residence House No. 356/19, will be available exclusively to the Members of VNSM on every Saturday from 5.00-7.00 PM and facilities like routine check up, blood pressure and sugar check ups etc., will be available to all the Members of VNSM free of cost.

Shri SN Gaur and Shri SK Sardana were presented mementos for their support and cooperation during the elections.

A brief address was also given by Shri S.R.Tewatia, Patron, Shri Dinesh Garg, President, RWA, Sector-19 and Shri Rajkumar, Chairman of Sub Committee and ex-RWA President.                                         
Members Present during the General Body Meeting

The Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.

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