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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Biennial Sports Meet January, 2018

Flex Banner Displayed at the Main Gate of Community Centre, Sector-19, Faridabad

As decided in the Executive Committee Meeting on 20th January, 2018 the Biennial Sports Meet Took Place on 27th January and events like Brisk Walk, Chess, Carrom Board and Cards (Sweep) were taken care of on that day itself declaring the Winners and Runner Ups for the individual event.

On 28th January, 2018 morning Musical Chair Event was organized in the presence of Chief Guest Shri Subhash Ahuja, Councillor.

Results of the Events Organized

Brisk Walk (Below 65 Years)

Shri S.K Thakkar                                                           Ist 
Shri V.K. Kwatra                                                           IInd

Brisk Walk (Above 65 Years)

Shri M.L. Gauri                                                              Ist
Shri Ved Parkash Gupta   and  Shri V.K. Mangla          IInd 


Shri I.S. Nigam                                                              Ist
Shri V.K. Mangla                                                           IInd


Shri K.C. Chakarvarti                                                    Ist
Shri Mohinder Kumar                                                    IInd

Cards (Sweep)

Shri J.L. Gupta and Shri Hari Om                                Ist
Shri HG Bhatia and Shri PB Sehgal                             IInd

Musical Chair

Shri R.C. Sapra                                                             Ist
Shri Surinder Kumar                                                    IInd

Immediately after finish of Musical Chair Event,  Prize Distribution Ceremony took place.

Shri Dinesh Garg, President RWA and Special Invitee Member of VNSM invited Chief Guest to address the gathering.  Shri Subhash Ahuja, Councillor (Chief Guest) appreciated the activities being conducted by Varishth Nagrik Sewa Manch and assured that he will always be there to help and support VNSM at times of need.  Shri Satish Gupta, President, Shri PC Sharma, General Secretary and Shri CS Dalal, Executive Member also addressed the gathering sharing their views.

Trophies and Certificates were presented to the Winners and Runner Ups of  events conducted and Memento and Certificates were also given to all the members who participated in the games.

Thereafter light refreshment was served to all present.

Activities Captured in Frame for delight of all viewers:

Trophies to be Presented to Winners, Runner Ups and Participants

Specimen of Certificate Awarded to Winners, Runner Ups and All Participants

Participants (below 65 years) Lining Up for Brisk Walk (1.6 KM)

Participants (above 65 years) Lining Up for Brisk Walk (1.6 KM)

Before Start of Carrom Game  between Shri VK Mangla and Shri Mohinder Kumar

Shri Mahender Sharma, Shri Satish Gupta, Shri GC Gupta and Shri CS Dalal from Right to Left

Carrom Game underway between Shri IS Nigam and Shri KC Chakarvarti

Chess Game between Shri Hansraj Thakur and Shri Mohinder Kumar

 Arrival of Chief Guest Shri Subhash Ahuja, Councillor (before Start of Musical Chair Event)

  Musical Chair Event Likely to Start 

Shri Dinesh Garg Garlanding Shri Subhash Ahuja, Councillor

Shri Subhash Ahuja, Councillor addressing the  Gathering

Shri Satish Gupta, President VNSM Addressing the Gathering


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