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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting 2nd January, 2018

As decided in Executive Committee Meeting held on 18.11.2017, a meeting of Executive Committee is being held today i.e. 2.1.2018 to discuss the plan for organizing the bi-yearly sports meet on 27th and 28th January, 2018 and any other matters with permission of Chair.

Members Present

Shri Satish Gupta                President
Shri PC Sharma                   General Secretary
Shri VK Mangla                  Finance Secretary
Dr. Rajvir Singh                  Executive Member
Shri Dinesh Garg                President RWA and Special Invitee Member
Shri Mohinder Kumar        Executive Member
Shri TC Aggarwal              Executive Member
Shri VD Satija                    Executive Member
Shri RPS Nagar                  Vice President
Shri SK Thakkar                 Executive Member

Points Discussed

  1. Executive Members to motivate members for participation in the bi-yearly Sports Meet.
  2. Distribution of Sport's Meet Circular to all the members of VNSM and collect nomination and requisite fee latest by 14th January, 2018.
  3. Members willing to participate in the games can collect as well as submit the forms along with requisite fee to Shri Dinesh Garg at Community Center, Sector-19, Faridabad by 14th January, 2018 positively.
  4. On receipt of nomination from members, draws will be drawn and final execution plan will be displayed on Board with names of Executive Members who will be in-charge for conducting the games.
  5. A meeting of Executive Members is scheduled for 21st January, 2018 timings of which will be conveyed later on.
  6. Shri Dinesh Garg, President RWA and Special Invitee Member VNSM informed  that a tour to Singapore is under finalization from 7th March to 12th March, 2018. Members interested to travel may give their names to him latest by 7th January, 2018. No request will be entertained after the said date.
  7. A committee comprising of  Shri Satish Gupta, Shri Dinesh Garg, Shri Vasudev Satija, Shri SK Thakkar and Dr. Rajvir Singh was constituted to explore and suggest purchase of books for enriching the Library meant for VNSM Members.
The meeting was summed up with vote of thanks from Shri PC Sharma, General Secretary.

                  Sd/-                                           Sd/-                                                  Sd/-
        ( Satish Gupta )                          ( P.C. Sharma )                              (Mohinder Kumar)
           President                                 General Secretary                          Executive Member

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